For thoose who don't know the differences between acoustic and digital pianos

There is a preconceived idea which is spreding world wide, saying that a man who takes piano lessons must necessarily target up and become a concert pianist. These days I was talking with a friend, piano teacher, and he showed me that the piano is the best ,, vehicle " to introduce a man in the music world, regardless of age.

It is the tool which helps you to learn, in the easiest ways, the general concept of MUSIC. But you can not learn an instrument if you do not approach it to you. The instrument need to be in your house. Yes, the piano has to be your companion whenever you feel that you want to get close to him. Same thing you can say about the piano sheets, even if you are not planning to become a master in this field.

,, What should I buy? " People ask me. I can say first what NOT to buy if you want to learn piano. Namely, a normal organ. Keyboard is of two kinds, as well as the technique of singing. The piano is a percussive instrument, based on finger pressure - by dropping or hitting the keys, they set in motion a mechanism with a hammer hits the strings.

Those who learn to play the organ normal keyboard, they will not be able to play the piano. So, in this case there are remaining two options: the mechanical piano and the digital piano. There are pros and cons to both.

Piano acoustic advantages: the sound and the feeling of a good piano, really, can never be completely replaced. An acoustic instrument has a life of him, he responds somehow magic and gives vibrancy back to the singer, creating a perfect union. At a very high level, teachers refuse to prepare students who are unable to study on the acoustic instrument.

Disadvantages: take up much room, it is hard to carry. It is very demanding, you have to stay in constant temperature and humidity, away from direct sunlight or current etc. It must be constantly maintained, it has to be awarded twice a year by a specialist, which is not cheap, and experts are increasingly harder to find. Price is perhaps the greatest disadvantage. A piano that deserves to be considered a great acoustic piano is expensive. You can not buy a decent piano under 5000-10000 euro. The market is full of offers sale at attractive prices, but 99% of them are not anything but bulky wrecks.

Digital piano, advantages: although it has a great keyboard, the instrument is much less bulky, it takes place in every home. It is accessible to every family, a digital upright piano begins around 500 euros, one better being around 1,000 euros. You can study on it at any time, it has volume control and headphone output. Maintenance free, requiring no award. It has more sounds, metronome built, and various learning facilities such as the ability to split the keyboard into two parts with the same registry for teacher and student, ability to record, metronome, and so on.

Disadvantages: it is not the same as an acoustic piano, it is necessary to study and performance on a real piano. However, even the pros prefer a digital piano, which sounds good, in comparison woth a poorly maintained acoustic piano. In addition, these are often used by professionals, just for study at home.
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